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Delivery and Shipping policy:

Online Subscription::

LSI's Online Membership offers a seamless and immediate content access experience. Upon payment confirmation through the payment gateway, members gain instant access to the subscribed content, including the current year's publications and archives from previous years of the respective journal/s. Members can conveniently control their access through their personalized dashboard, empowering them to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in Indian linguistics. The user-friendly online subscription process ensures quick activation and continuous access to valuable resources for LSI members.

  • Online members can activate their content access immediately upon payment confirmation via the payment gateway.
  • For offline payments (Cheque/Demand Draft), content access will be granted after payment clearance.
  • Members can control their content access through their dashboard for a personalized experience.
  • Online Subscription grants access to current and archived content of the respective journal/s.
  • LSI's online membership provides a seamless and convenient way for members to stay connected with the latest research and resources in Indian linguistics.