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INDIAN LINGUISTICS is a quarterly journal (produced annually) of the Linguistics Society of India, which publishes articles and reviews of interest to the scientific study of language and languages, especially the languages of India. The views expressed therein are not necessarily shared by the Committee on Publications.

CONTRIBUTIONS(3 copies), REVIEWS and NOTICES and ANNOUNCEMENTS (2 copies, plus electronic version) should be sent to Secretary, Linguistic Society of India, Dept. of Linguistics, Deccan College PG & RI, Pune 411006. A soft copy of the contribution, etc. in pdf as well as in Word format should also be e-mailed to Manuscripts are returned only if author pays postage. Contributors (including reviewers) will receive 10 off-prints gratis and additional ones (if ordered in advance) at cost price. In case of joint authorship the off-prints are sent to the first author who may pass on some of these to the co-author(s).

BOOKS, OFFPRINTS, and other items for review (2 copies) and for listing, journals and other publications for exchange should be sent along with a formal request (one copy of it to the Chief Editor) and one to the Secretary of the Society, Deccan College, Pune- 411 006, India.